DC Tank


    Our DC Tanks are ideal for the construction of aquaculture tanks, slurry tanks, agricultural barns, treatment plants for drinking water, solid waste treatment plants and agricultural buildings. assembly

    The walls of the DC Tanks can be erected simply and quickly. The walls are composed of two main components: a structural component and a flat wall covering, which are assembled by sliding one into the other vertically, from above. A built-in flexible sealing strip is part of the profile in order to make the walls waterproof. This strip is made of flexible antifungal thermoplastic. (patent pending)


  • Available in 10cm. (4 inches) and 20cm. (8 inches) wall thickness and up to 5 meters high (16 feet)
  • PVC respects drinkable water requirements
  • Low transportation cost (components are light and stackable)
  • R-value insulation option to reduce energy costs
  • Better curing for concrete, PVC protects in to drying to fast
  • Better curing for concrete, PVC protects in to drying to fast
  • Outside and inside smooth finishing
  • Waterproof

Technical Specifications

  • Different shapes and sizes: rectangular, square, octagonal or circular
  • The PVC barrier protects concrete from corrosive environments
  • Simple to assemble (no need for high-skilled technical workers)
  • Reduce building costs
  • Reduce construction time
  • Maintenance free
  • No paint or membrane required
  • Transportable manually (no lifting equipment is necessary)
  • No cracks in the concrete

Stages of Construction

  • Laying the sill plate on the concrete slab
  • Installation of scaffolding to provide temporary wall support
  • Installation of wall components
  • Pouring of concrete into wall components
  • Installation of roof components
  • Pouring of concrete into roof components
  • Easy cleaning of any concrete splashed onto the visible PVC before it hardens
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Optional finishing work (paint, stucco, tiles) according to Client’s design or the local architectural style