Licenses for DC technologies establish long-term cooperation and marketing relationships between DC International and the Licensees. These license agreements can be adapted to satisfy and take into account particular marketing needs or other issues specific to a Licensee’s territory.

The technologies that DC International offers to its Licensees have unmatched value. Licenses are available not only for our manufacturing and processing technologies, but also they provide access to our rapidly expanding knowledge base of systems and applications.

We provide training for the Licensee’s professional, technical and labour teams about the processes for the production of licensed DC Products. Transfer of know-how includes instruction in quality control, testing procedures and support for the modification of production facilities.

DC International can license you the exclusive rights to manufacture, use, market, and sell the DC technologies providing your company with a protected business advantage.

Up-front fees and royalties are necessary to obtain a license to the territory and to technical support required.

DC International is open to negotiations with industrials already involved in plastic extrusion and injection. Also companies with a distributor network in building materials may also be considered.


Our success depend on locating and forming strong team relationships with individuals and companies who share our business philosophy and have the capacity to develop a market for our product line and services.

Our commitment to those enterprises interested in becoming distributors for DC International is to provide consistently high quality products and continuous technical support, making our distributors working partners.

Please send us your business profile at distributor@dc-inter.com to let us know you better. We will review your request, in conjunction with our needs in the marketing area in which you would like to represent us, and get back to you as soon as possible.

Provided information will be handled in the strictest confidence.