DC Tank

DC INTERNATIONAL’S Industrial Department has adapted one of its technologies for the realization of reinforced concrete tanks. This forming permanent system allows the construction of tanks of any size and walls thickness.

This application is ideal for construction in farming, aquaculture, water tanks, solid waste treatment plants, potable water tanks among others.


DC Form

The DC Form system utilizes injected reusable plastic panels to realize formwork to build concrete slabs and walls fast and accurately.

The formwork process designed and developed by DC International is modular and consists of several components of varied sizes, making it possible to set up concrete buildings from one to four stories of almost any dimensions.


DC Deck

DC International’s Research Department has developed the latest technology for two way reinforced concrete slabs.

The DC DECK is an application of the DC FORM system to make waffle type slabs. As well as the DC FORM, the DC DECK is made of injected plastic panels which are reusable several times.


DC Building System

The DC Building System consists of PVC profiles made from recycled and/or new plastic that are assembled on site to create permanent formworks the walls and roofs. Concrete is pumped into the formworks to build essentially a reinforced concrete building. The PVC permanent formworks contribute to the structural resistance of the building. Since the cavities are perforated between them, the concrete becomes monolithic.

The DC Building System allows the construction of buildings to be adapted to different situations and needs. Its flexibility insures the realization of constructions of varied dimensions of 1 to 4 stories. Thanks to the unique assembling procedure of the system, it is now easy to construct high quality housing at a low cost.

From start to finish, a typical house can be completed in few weeks. Once erected, it is ready for occupation. DC Buiding System do not require any interior or exterior wall or roof finishing. The profiles, which are made with a weather resistant PVC, can then either be used as the interior and exterior finish, or can be covered with paint or with acrylic stucco.

PVC is a cost-effective plastic material (Polyvinyl chloride) that is massed produced. PVC can be found in a variety of construction materials including: windows, doors, piping, Venetian blinds, exterior wall coverings, etc. PVC is a stable material that does not deteriorate and requires little maintenance. The PVC used in our system is treated to resist ultra-violet rays.


DC Insulated System

The DC Insulated System offers an alternative solution to complement the DC BUILDING SYSTEM in places where a superior thermal insulation is required or desirable.

The DC Insulated System gives you the best living environment because you can easily build a safe, more comfortable and environmental friendly reinforced concrete buildings with affordable energy costs.

The system utilizes extruded PVC profiles as well as molded/expanded plastic (rigid) foam panel components to replace the outside skin of the original DC Building System .


DC Shelter

DC International designed this unique self-construction storage building kit to be used as high-security shelter to protect your loved ones and precious possessions during extreme weather conditions.


DC Nordic Houses

DC INTERNATIONAL has manufactured construction systems for more than fifteen years mostly for sites abroad, and. manufactures high performance components in Montreal while using local workers for the installation of the housing units.

The DC Nordic System consists of two technical modules that are made in Montreal (DC MODULES) and these include all mechanical elements, plumbing, the main electrical entry, toilet, laundry and kitchen. These are installed by specialized tradesmen in our facilities and are inspected before the modules are sent by boat.

Once on site the technical modules are installed and the floors, walls and roofs are assembled around the modules. This method of proceeding enables the complex elements to be double checked before leaving the factory and makes it possible to use local manpower for the walls, floors and roofs. The walls, floors and roofs arrive pre-cut, pre-finished and ready to be assembled.