Projects in Canada

Residential Garage – Richmond Hill: 1997

One-storey residential garage with garret. The garage allows the parking of five automobiles and may be used as storage space. The DC BUILDING SYSTEM was used to build the external and internal walls. The roof structure was made with wood trusses.

Product: DC Building System
Site: Richmond Hill, Toronto, Ontario
Surface area: 170 square meters
Walls: Concrete poured into PVC forms
Roof: Wood structure covered with tiles
Client: Robert Salna
Contractor: Millennium Building Systems
Manufacturer: Digigraph Systems (DC International)

Hunting & Fishing Camp – North of Quebec: 1997

Hunting and fishing camps made of PVC / polyurethane panels installed on a wooden base laid on piles. The panels injected with polyurethane were delivered by seaplane. The DC BUILDING SYSTEM allowed the realization of this project in a remote area.

Product: DC Building System
Site: North of Quebec
Surface area: Units of 53 square meters
Walls: PVC panels injected with polyurethane
Roof: PVC panels injected with polyurethane installed on a wooden structure.
Client: Whale River Lodge
Contractor: Club Chambeaux Inc.
Manufacturer: Digigraph Systems (DC International)