Turn-Key Projects

DC International provides timely and cost effective project management solutions for commercial, institutional, industrial and related clients worldwide. Our sound experience and track record in the industry enable us to relate to the client’s environment and qualifies us to develop and implement the complex process of project management in a clear and efficient way. DC International offers a wide range of leading services from setting up the construction program and coordinating its implementation to supervising the professional and technical teams in order to respect the client’s objectives, schedule, budget, and quality expectations. DC International brings a rigorous methodology to all the projects that it manages regardless of size, length and complexity. Projects in Progress CHRIST’S CHOSEN CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL Benin, Nigeria churchThe Christ’s Chosen Church of God of Nigeria mandated DC International at the beginning of 2003 to produce a feasibility study. Digigraph Systems, its parent company, has realized in Benin City since 2002 a contract from EDO State Government to produce 100 housing kits. Thanks to the success of this project, the Christ’s Chosen Church decided to send some officials to visit the Digigraph Systems plant in Montreal in December of 2002. Christ’s Chosen Church of God is an Evangelical Church of more than 200,000 believers who are active mainly in the city of Benin in Nigeria. This city which has a population of approximately one million people is situated about 300 km south-east of Lagos, the metropolitan city of Nigeria. Christ’s Chosen Church of God owns a cathedral and a number of churches in Benin, England, United States and Canada. Its leaders have decided to construct a new building with a minimum of 50,000 seats to hold important major events. In the summer of 2003, DC International presented to Christ’s Church of God its feasibility study, which included an analysis of construction costs and preliminary plans. Following the submission of the feasibility study, Christ’s Chosen Church of God decided to proceed with the project and asked that complete construction plans be prepared for the end of 2003. DC International realized the architectural plans and designated DESSAU-SOPRIN, a major engineering firm, and CANAM MANAC, an important steel manufacturing company, realized the structural plans. The work begun in January 2004 under the supervision of DC International with the foundation and will continue over the next few years. The work is estimated at 35 million US dollars. It is the wish of Christ’s Chosen Church to obtain supplies from Canada through DC international in regard to the steel components, prefabricated PVC/concrete walls, lighting, and sound systems. And, even though local contractors have been hired, the management of the site is and will be the responsibility of the DC project manager until the project’s completion. Cathedral Video (4,2 MB)